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  We now glad to present you our swingers dating site, where we try to give you fresh info about swingers dating personals, and all around it. You also can take part in its creation, sending your useful notes, blogs, articles and photos. Please, contact us anyway to express you opinions about this site to email : admin@datingers.com.

  Also we suggest to other swingers dating web site builders to cooperate with us with help of links exchanging proccess.We are presenting swingers dating resource not only for US or Canada gay personals, but we'll be glad to see here swingers personals from different countries.

The following SWINGERS Dating members were voted hottest:

Voted #50 hottest.

Find OH swingers in Cincinnati : Sexy, smart and very well educated Indian guy wants to share discreet fantasies with a Indian or Asian sexy woman. Married woman will be a plus.

Voted #49 hottest.

Find TX swingers in Arlington: Im looking for totally meaningless sex. Just daytime hot encounters in which i promise to satisfy would also love phone sex. Believe it or not I'm not a sicko I'm actually a nice guy who just has an overactive libido. Id love all responses,  Thanks

Voted #48 hottest.

Find PA swingers in Pittsburgh: Husband has always talked about having two women at the same time and also watch those two women together. Looking for another petite, non-smoking female to help me turn his talk into reality. Can you help me?

Voted #47 hottest.

Find CA swingers in Santa Ana: I want to see how many ladies in california are looking for fun with someone else? So hick up your skut and lets get down and dirty. I am looking to have my meat in the golden places. So if you want a good peice of meat, drop and email. ha ha ha :-)

Voted #46 hottest.

Find KS swingers in Wichita: Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am 22 about 5' 5 120 lbs, brown staraight hair and awesome eyes. I have a pretty nice body, too, with pics to show to the right person. I am looking for cybersex, plain and simple. Erotic chats via AOL IM or via e-mails. I am interested in finding a guy between 18 and 30, with a picture and an imagination! I am not into phone sex, so I will not get on the phone with you. I do not have speakers on my computer and do not have a web cam. I only use the computer at work, so you will have to be understanding. To the right person, I will give endless pleasure, so please e-mail me and let's see where we go from there. I hope to hear from all of you soon!

Voted #45 hottest.

 Find MO swingers in St. Louis: Im a woman intrested in some sex chat at the icq.. amaby some sexual reolplaying i love to suck kock and be taken whit violence

Voted #44 hottest.

 Find CO swingers in Colorado Springs: Are ther any women that have a mother/son fantasy? I really love mature married women for no strings attached sex. Also I really love incest stories.

Voted #43 hottest.

Find HI swingers in Honolulu: Male seeking woman to fullfill my fantasy of anal sex. I want to make it a reality!! will you help me ??? I love to lick too

Voted #42 hottest.

Find MN swingers in Minneapolis: A great looking, professional 32 y/o, white, bi male, 179/6'0 7 1/2 inches shaved, super clean and very athletic is looking for a female playmate. Looks are not important but I need a girl with a great attitude who loves to push the limits of sexuality. Couple aslo welcome. I'm fun and VERY oral!! Always horny.

Voted #41 hottest.

Find NE swingers in Omaha: Any ladies out there who want to swap pussy-munching stories? I'm married and love getting down and dirty with girls of all ages (18+ of course). Maybe you could teach me something or I could tell you about my girl-girl experiences. I 'm 28 and love the way a girl' butt curves. I once ate out an 18 year old who looked very similar to Britney Spears, honest (except she had black hair).

Voted #40 hottest.

Find OK swingers in Tulsa: Hey y'all I'm currently trying to explore my submissive side with a lady friend of mine, and I was wondering if any of you wonderful Mistress' or Dominatrix's would be willing to E-mail her a couple of ideas.

Voted #39 hottest.

Find AZ swingers in Mesa:  I hate labels. I really hate to think within there bounds. I am a sexual being. I happen to be a woman but that should not preclude me from enjoying a complete relationship with another woman. Think outside the definitions. It always helps me.

Voted #38 hottest.

Find CA swingers in Oakland: I am looking for a woman or couple between the ages of 18-40 who is looking for a discreet relationship. I am open to anything especially things that I havent tried yet. Any thing else?

Voted #37 hottest.

Find CA swingers in Sacramento: I am definitely bi-curious, but have no idea how to approach other females. I put myself around girls who are either lesbian or bi-sexual and they think I'm attractive, but that I would never actually go for it. Let's say, I'm the "monogamous relationship" type. Any suggestions?

Voted #36 hottest.

Find GA swingers in Atlanta: I would like to find a woman from ages 19-25 that would like to keep a pretty steady chat. I am interested in many things, so I am open to anything. Anyone want to chat?

Voted #35 hottest.

Find VA swingers in Virginia Beach: 18 year old male from Virginia Beach VA seeks a woman who isnt ashamed of her body. I have a cam, and i am searching for a woman aged 20-49 to cam with. I am 6'1, 190lbs, short dark brown hair and eyes, semimuscular.

Voted #34 hottest.

Find CA swingers in Fresno: I am looking to meet a girl from around Fresno CA who is reasonably attractive and likes to just have fun and hang out. I am easy-going, sincere, relatively attractrive and I love chit chat. So if your interested drop me a line.

Voted #33 hottest.

Find MO swingers in Kansas City: I would love to here from married women that are not happy, have fantasies and needs that are not taken care of by there husbands.

Voted #32 hottest.

Find NM swingers in Albuquerque:: I love hearing peoples problems with sex, and beleive it or not i am pretty good. Please email me anytime if u have any questions or just feel horney. Talk to u soon

Voted #31 hottest.

Find CA swingers in Long Beach: I know this is probably a long shot, but, I'm a man who lives in Long Beach CA. I'm looking for interesting women who live in or around here. Like I said, it is a long shot, I know.

Voted #30 hottest.

Find OH swingers in Cleveland: I'd be interested to hear from women what stories get you horniest, and why? I've written one story here and would like to write more but I'd like to be able to write for a target audience. So, I'd welcome your thoughts on the matter. I know the responses will be as unique as all the individuals involved but I am very keen to write stories with someone (or a particular audience) in mind. I'd welcome comments from women (as well as your thoughts on particular scenarios, of course). Naturally guys are welcome to put in their two cents worth as well.

Voted #29 hottest.

Find NV swingers in Las Vegas: Hi, I am new to the Las Vegas area and looking to find a pen-pal to correspond with..I am 41 years old married, and looking for new friends.

Voted #28 hottest.

Find LA swingers in New Orleans:  I am so into kissing passionately. A bad kisser is a turn off and a wonderful kisser can make me hard in a split second. So what I wanna know, does anybody else here feel the same way about kissing. What do you like when kissing Ie; him running his fingers through your hair or massaging your shoulders/back or just holding you tightly. Whatever I would love to hear from yall.

Voted #27 hottest.

Find AZ swingers in Tucson: I am a 21 year old BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) living in Tucson AZ. I am 5'3" with brown eyes, and long wavy dark brown hair. I am looking for new friends to chat with and possibly meet in person for some fun! Please email me to get in touch! I hope to hear from you soon.

Voted #26 hottest.

Find OK swingers in Oklahoma City:  I'm looking for an adventurous female, between the ages of 18-38, living in Oklahoma City. Hobbies must include erotic massages, foreplay, afterplay, dirty chat, cyber sex, straight sex, anything to do with sex. Must possess impeccable oral skills and love to be tongue tickled for hours. I'm an over-driven, under-sexed male in my early twenties just looking for a good time. So if your looking for a bit more ooompf in your life, reply and I'll get back to you.

Voted #25 hottest.

Find OR swingers in Portland:  Of all the cyber babes around today, I will stand by (or behind!) my namesake, cyber Scully from the X-Files episode (First Person Shooter) where Mulder and Scully get pulled into a video game and have to fight thier way out. I believe that the episode was written by William Gibson. Very tasty.

Voted #24 hottest.

Find TX swingers in Fort Worth:  I find that a sexy pair of feet cant be beat ..i love to kiss them and lick them from heel to toe then suck on each toe until they are nice and warm..i love to massage them with oils and lotions to keep them soft and kissable ..hell i even like to paint the nails for themand give them pedicures..dont know if i spelt that word right but anyway would like to hear from some women who like this or dislike this ..your opinoins would be appreciated

Voted #23 hottest.

Find NC swingers in Charlotte: My husband is 6'7 320. He has a bit of a gut but I love that. I have always liked bigger men. Really skinny guys have never done a thing for me. I don't know why I have this preferance. Maybe it has something to do with safety and power. Big men with hairy chests are..........

Voted #22 hottest.

Find CO swingers in Denver:  I am curious to know if there are any women out there that like bigger guys. I know that there are quite a few guys that really like big girls. Im not REALLY fat, but I am a bigger guy, about 260. Anyways I am just curious to know everyones opinion and why. Remember, Ladies only!

Voted #21 hottest.

Find WA swingers in Seattle: Is there any body in Seattle that want to get together? 41 year old bi-male 6'4" 220lbs 8" shaved smooth blond-blue looking for someone to spend time with. hello anyone out there?

Voted #20 hottest.

Find TX swingers in El Paso: I am looking for someone to email with, maybe more. I am a married, BBW who is looking for a descreet online relationship. I am online alot and would like to find a great man to spend my time with. Not just for cyber but friendship also....

Voted #19 hottest.

Find WA swingers in Washington:  I'm a 20 year old Virgin from Washington. Any Females want to take this mans virginity?

Voted #18 hottest.

Find MA swingers in Boston: I live in Boston MA and are looking for a woman whom wants sex.
Im 44 and would prefer a younger women. email me if you are interested.

Voted #17 hottest.

Find WI swingers in Milwaukee:  I am interested in people who would like to exchange erotic e-mail and IM with me.
I am interested or curious in just about anything and willing to try new things.

Voted #16 hottest.

Find MD swingers in Baltimore:  I would love to show all you girls/ women my cock.my g/friend loves it.
but i don't have a scanner to show you.

Voted #15 hottest.

Find TX swingers in Austin:  Hey all im a newbie sorta i have read a few post and replied to a few ...most of you in here seem really nice ..i hope to meet some of ya and chat or e mail im a nice guy so dont worry about me stalking or being a bother to any of ya ..im in Austin and im a huge hockey fan ..GO WINGS..well for now just wanted to say hi all ..have a great day

Voted #14 hottest.

Find OH swingers in Columbus: My name is Stroking. I'm from Columbus, OH. And I'm looking for female masturbation partners, either
Web cam to web cam, or live one on one in person. Very discreetly of course. I have a web site with pictues of me, so if you would like to check them out.

Voted #13 hottest.

Find CA swingers in San Francisco: I'm a bicurious 25yo white woman in San Francisco. If you are bi,with or without experience, and would like to chat, email, exchange pics, and possibly (hopefully) more, please let me know! Females preferable,but males welcome!

Voted #12 hottest.

Find IN swingers in Indianapolis: Any ladies out there with a webcam that want to have a little fun with a cute guy? e-mail me send pic and i'll send one of me ; just want to meet some new friends and have some fun

Voted #11 hottest.

Find CA swingers in San Jose: Hi. I'm 23 and male. I like sex in any form...mostly with women. Old, young...whatever. I'm a good looking college guy, and am completely legit. I've never been with another man, but willing to experiment. Contact me if you're in San Jose CA...we can have lots of fun.

Voted #10 hottest.

Find MI swingers in Detroit:  I enjoy designing erotic graphics, photo-collages, the occasional hardcore image. Anyone else here get the time to put their graphic design skills to use by creating erotic imagery? Love to share some of my pics with others and chat about this interest. I particularly enjoy designing images based on sexy themes chosen by others... so email if you'd like to share.

Voted #9 hottest.

Find TX swingers in San Antonio:  Looking for a married couple, between the ages of 35-55, to help me explore my bi side. I have been wanting to try this for awhile but have not found anyone near me yet. So if you live near San Antonio, TX and are interested, I would love to hear from you.

Voted #8 hottest.

Find TX swingers in Dallas:  I'm looking for submissions of amateur photos to illustrate stories I'm posting over, the current list of chacters I'd like to find pics of are posed in the guidelines of Susie's Hot Holiday Homecoming. If you'd like to be a character in the threads/connected subthreads I'm developing, a photo or description would be welcome and any details of your character I may need to know. My thanks for your time......

Voted #7 hottest.

Find CA swingers in San Diego: Hi, I'm a 6ft4, dark, 22 year old male with no sexual inhibitions, looking for any sexy females who live in the area. Very horny, but just looking for some innocent fun.

Voted #6 hottest.

Find AZ swingers in Phoenix: Let me start by saying that I'm in a great relationship. We have been together for 9 years (I'm 28). She is a beautiful women with the cutiest set of nipples that I've ever seen. Hehehe.... Even after 9 years, I still got major wood for her. When we are together, I'm always trying to get some action and when we are apart, I'm thinking about shagging her. Things are great so it's wierd that I'm here??? Isn't it?? Anyhow, I guess I'm here because I've found myself highly attracted to every and all women lately. I'm walking around with a hard on all day and it's driving me crazy!@#. She (my wife) is the only women that I've been with and I'm feeling like I could use a temporary change of scenery. So I'd like to talk to some married women who are feeling the same thing.

Voted #5 hottest.

Find PA swingers in Philadelphia:  Philadelphia guy, randy as hell, very very clean and very very discreet would just love to meet a young lady for a discreet relationship. roleplaying, fantasies, Master and slave, student and tutor etc.

Voted #4 hottest.

Find TX swingers in Houston:  Straight guy looking for chat/correspondence with women who have an imagination! Into erotica and have a broad mind! Waiting to hear from you...

Voted #3 hottest.

Find IL swingers in Chicago:  So - how do we feel about a male teacher age 32 having a consensual relationship with few female 16 or 17 year-olds? - assuming they are totally hot, of course. The classic hard-body cheerleader type. I mean - is it really terrible - if they love it? and want it ?

Voted #2 hottest.

Find CA swingers in Los Angeles:  Since my youth I've fantasized about elder women who would take care of my 8inch cock. And growing older, my desire for mature women has become hotter and hotter. I would be a very lucky man if I could get in an erotic mail contact with a horny lady writer.

Voted #1 hottest.

Find NY swingers in New York:  I find olde very sexy and mature. I the time ive spent with old women as be better than with young ladies. Making love to an older women you can take your time and enjoy the sex, instead of wambam thank you maam.
I love exsploring an older womens body evey inch tasting her, feeling inch by inch with my tongue, before moving between her legs, taste the sweet juices she has to offer, running my tongue over her wet lips, squeezing her hard niplles as i slide my tongue between her lips tongue fuking her, getting my fingers wet and pushing a few fingers in her as ias i get her to cum 3 or 4 times, before sliding my hard cok deep in side her. It feels so great while sliding your cock in a women when s hes cumming, the way her pussy gribs your cock as she cums. An older women would love you more when you make her cum than pushing your cock in her as she cum. It takes her into a high plan as you fuck her , she know that your their for her pleasure as well as yours.
I would love to here from other older women and see what they have to say, for i would love to exchange emails with older ladies.

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